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CPC5750: Single-Channel Voice Band CODEC
  • µ-law and A-law ITU G.711 Companding Codec
  • Differential Analog Signal Paths
  • Programmable Transmit and Receive Gain, +/-12dB in 0.1dB increments
  • Transmit Path 60Hz Rejection Filter
  • PCM and IOM-2 GCI telecommunication interfaces
  • Short and Long Frame Syncs Supported
  • Independent Transmit and Receive Programmable Time Slots
  • Accepts PCLK from 512kHz to 8.192MHz
  • SPI Serial Interface for control in PCM Mode
  • Programmable Power Down Mode: IDD = 20µA
  • Analog and Digital Loopback Modes for testing
CPC5750 Image

CPC5750 (Data Sheet Rev. F) The CPC5750 is a voice-band CODEC with pin-selectable PCM or IOM-2 (GCI) digital interfaces. Clock frequencies for the PCM Mode range from 512kHz to 8.192MHz while the GCI interface allows clocking at 2.048MHz and 4.096MHz. While the GCI interface utilizes the integrated data link to read and write the control registers, a four-wire Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) bus is provided when in PCM Mode.

The CODEC provides the necessary A/D and D/A functions with pin-selectable µ-law or A-law companding. A low-noise internal reference is used to keep signal gains well controlled over supply and temperature variations. Programmable gain of ±12dB for both transmit and receive allows the CPC5750 to accept differential input signals as large as +8dBm, and to source +3.2dBm differential signals into 600 Ohms while operating from a single 3.3V supply.


CPC5750 Block Diagram

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