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DC Termination ICs

Building on years of telecommunications line interface experience and high voltage processing expertise, IXYS Integrated Circuits Division offers the CPC1465 and the CPC1466. The CPC1465 is specifically designed for the ISDN market and can additionally fulfill the DC Termination requirements for SHDSL interfaces. The CPC1466 is specifically designed for the ADSL/VDSL broadband market in applications where no voice service provides loop current.

The CPC1465 provides a polarity-insensitive DC termination for wetting (sealing) current on the CPE side, conforming to ITU-T G.991.2, to eliminate corrosion on SHDSL/ISDN lines. The CPC1465 has excellent linearity (70dB typ.) to minimize harmonic distortion and well-controlled turn-on and turn-off characteristics to minimize injecting impulse noise with in-band signal energy into the channel.

This DC termination IC, which interfaces with the tip/ring pair, is rated at 300V and is able to handle power cross and lightning transients with appropriate protection. Manufactured in our proven 320V Silicon On Insulator (SOI) process. the CPC1465 is packaged in a 16-pin SOIC or DFN.

The CPC1466 is a DC Termination IC for broadband ADSL/VDSL applications. This high-voltage, monolithic device provides a termination for DC wetting (sealing) current in customer premises equipment (CPE) to eliminate phone-line corrosion on DSL twisted-pair copper lines without telephone voice services (i.e. only broadband services).

Internally, a bridge rectifier provides a polarity-insensitive DC termination for DSL loop-sealing current. The IC includes an electronic inductor, breakover and latch circuits, current limit, and excess power protection. A sealing current detect output provides the means to monitor the loop for the presence of sealing current in the loop.

The CPC1466 is manufactured in our high-voltage BCDMOS process that is used extensively in telephony applications worldwide.

CPC1465 Datasheet Rev. 5 (Not recommended for new designs)

CPC1466 Datasheet Rev. 3 (Not recommended for new designs)


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